Reviewer: Lorimar Promotions
Ouch!! Just Like finding a needle in a haystack is how surprised I was to find this Electrifying Southern
Country Rock Music CD reaching into my heart and soul. Music you'll relate to With Exceptional Harmony,
Rhythm and Arrangements and Incredible Vocals you will undoubtedly find yourself Jamming to the Best Beat of the South, Cutler Spur! Get your CD Today!

This is everything Southern Country Rock Music is all About.
Reviewer: Skydog's Red Dirt Music  
This CD has everything on it from fast to slow. Patriotic songs to Drinkin Songs. Cheatin Songs and Love songs.

Great CD
Reviewer: Joyce Wright Antebellum Productions
What a great CD. Superbly crafted songs and great singing. An edgy country album. Loved it.

ONE OF THE BEST CD'S to come out in a long long time.
Reviewer: Rhon/RhonBob Promotions
 EXCELLENT, SUPERB SONGS WITH FABULOUS SINGING. GETTING awesome remarks from DJ's worldwide about this CD. Rhon
Reviewed by Richard Henderson of Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion

If Cutler Spur was to be described by a singular word it would undoubtedly be American. Characterized by a traditional 4/4 drum beat and traditional guitar rifts, Cutler Spur offers the ultimate biker feel that is sure to be appreciated by all true Americana fans. Addressing quintessentially American themes of nationalistic pride, drinking at bars, and chasing women, both the lyrics and instrumentation of Cutler Spur’s address an experience held by many Americans. The lead singer’s voice resembles that of someone like Johnny Cash while the instrumentation also follows closely in his footsteps. Rockabilly and Country fans ought to flock to this album as Cutler Spur stays true to the genre and will have fans yelling “Yee-Haw!”

Track 1: “Fortunate Man” expresses from the very beginning what this band is all about. Boasting lyrics about “the right to be free,” “the best fighting force,” and “the land of the brave,” this song is entirely about Cutler Spur’s pride in being American and how fortunate all Americans are because of the incredible liberties we enjoy.

Track 3: “I Don’t Remember Doin That” is about an alcoholic who is convinced to take just one drink. This song’s instrumentation is quite similar to the sound that Johnny Cash created and is best described by a walking bass line, harmonized vocals and fiddle like guitar solos.

Track 6: “Shaky” sets itself apart from the rest of the album in its lack of a driving electric guitar section. In lieu of this, a smooth and ambient guitar part is employed and is coupled with equally soothing vocals that develop into speech as the album ends.

                                   Cutler Spur CD review by Pittsburgh DJ Rich Fox

This CD from the opening song had me looking at the CD player like, "Whoa! This could be cool!" The First track "Fortunate Man" is VERY reminiscent of a local band here in Pittsburgh named Ruff Creek and one of their songs as far as the sound goes. Also, it has a touch of Kentucky Headhunters with the words being very reminiscent of lyrics that would be written and/or highly accepted by that of Charlie Daniels and Lynyrd Skynyrd if approached to them in my opinion! Fortunate Man is by far the cool track on this CD and I THINK Cutler Spur KNEW it! Definitely a Country, LOVE MY COUNTRY--as in USA song---this one is a Rocker that YOUR DJ REALLY liked!

The CD is definitely full of WHAT Country is all about typically....Drinkin' Cheatin' Freedom and Old Memories! (Hey That could be a good title for a Country CD! Any takers? e-mail yourdj for a CD credit if ya wanna use lol!)

YOUR WIFE HAS BEEN CHEATING ON US made me laugh and took me back to a day when I was working with a Country band called Big Guns and we would find out that a loyal follower went out to see a show by local rivals DOUBLE DEUCE! It was a kind of an all around band joke thang that apparently CUTLER SPUR has had experience with as well and turned it into a song! KUDOS I say! It makes for a cool FUN song and I can just see them in my head on stage and directing the song right at that LOYAL but unloyal at the moment, fan in the crowd!

I DON'T REMEMBER DOING THAT? Neither do I! YOUR DJ has had those days himself and this song is whimsical in its own way of portraying just that fact of life that drinking sometimes inhibits!
A must hear song if you ever had a morning when everyone started telling you stories about YOU that YOU didn't remember from the night before! This song has a GREAT WOODEN NICKEL Couples dance beat and I intend to use it for just that at my Country shows sometime! Very Cool and fun song that I am sure a number of Country drinkin Kin can relate to at one time or another!!

The CD all in all is good musically! Vocally strong but could be a tad stronger as the element to his voice is there--and NOTHING that a little VOCAL coaching couldn't help. Not downplaying the vocals, just giving advice that could give them a VERY prominate place in the country scene along side those of Trace Adkins!
Musically this CD is Country to the core and considering they are a tad older of gentlemen, musically they have more than a clue what to and what NOT to do!
The end of the CD is proof of that as EVERY GOOD COUNTRY DJ with ANY experience such as YOUR DJ country, you should end your every night and every gig with a slow song or two in order to take a great night of hard partying to a hard morning romp in the haystack....or at least give everyone a chance to make it happen with that last dance of the evening at a club! The only thing with the last song for me is it took me back to something of a 70's pop love song era instead of country but that doesn't mean it wont do the trick...remember---and I think also, CUTLER SPUR KNOWS...a LOT of the people that now listen to Country are your 70's and 80's ROCKERS that loved Van Halen, Kiss, Motley Crue and Poison just like YOUR DJ! So it do they know something in this CD and how it is presented? YOUR DJ's guess is YES and in going back to their profile ONLY AFTER writing this and seeing their influences--I laughed myself! Seasoned guys are full of surprises Folks!

Thanks for the CD guys and keep up the good work! You got a good thing going for you!

You can contact CUTLER SPUR for a copy of their CD here on myspace at the link above and be sure to click on FORTUNATE MAN to see exactly what YOUR DJ is raving about!!

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